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The Playground- A Book Review

Okay so this is a little different. I read a book today called The Playground. It was written by Shannon T. Heuston. This book followed the author from middle school through adulthood and it is about bullying. It hit me hard in so many places because I was bullied. I never really called it that, because I never talked to anyone about it. I didn’t really talk to anyone about my problems, and I still don’t. Very few folks I confide in, and at this time  not going to share any of my personal experiences. Maybe another day- who knows?! This book reveals a lot of interesting theories about being bullied. One thing I was actually just telling my husband a couple of days ago. So many folks get bullied and just mistreated all the way around because we are not teaching our children to be kind to other people. We should be kind to others who don’t share our same opinions or religious beliefs; to people that don’t have much money and people who aren’t smart; and most of all to people who are unkind to others- if for no other reason than to try to set an example. This is what good people do. I guess the main thing I picked up, and I don’t think she actually said this, but rather I picked up on it and have seen it to be true in several cases. Once you have been bullied, it’s easy to fall in with the same types of people and allow yourself to be bullied over and over because that’s normal to you. Now I’m not going to tell a lot of details of the story. To some extent, this was a true story. It was interesting and very well written. There was some language in the book, and a lot of graphic sex details. If this offends you, don’t even try to read it. If you want to get some insight into this epidemic, this is a must read. Two thumbs up. 

I love to read. And since I have nothing but time on my hands, I thought I’d give this reviewing a shot. Give me some feedback- I may make this a regular thing. Have a wonderful Memorial Day y’all!! 


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