Y’all- I love my life. Going from place to place, and not knowing where we will end up next- it is truly a lot of fun. And the fact that I get to do all of it with my husband- my best friend- just makes it that much better. But if I’m honest- I miss home. Well not necessary  the place, but the people. My kids, my sisters and parents, and my nieces and nephews. Back at Christmas, my niece asked me to get Snapchat. I had already had Snapchat once but never quite figured out how to use all of it. When she asked me to use it though, I jumped on the chance. And it has been such a blessing. When I’m missing home, or feeling bad about myself, I can always count on them to perk me up. Here are just a few examples. (Yes, I screenshot a lot of the pics they send me. They’re just so dang cute!!)