Welcome June!! 

Well we started out in Maryland this morning and headed to Atlanta. So many miles- I did not take many pics but I took a few in the mountains. While I had my head in a book- hubby saw 2 Lamborghinis, and a Lynyrd Skynyrd truck. I saw the WWE Smackdown truck but too late to get a pic. There’s always next time.  A little explanation- the giant peach/butt water tower is in Gaffney, SC. Evidently it’s getting a paint job. The dog is ours. Sweetest little road dog ever. And the ladder pic- who in the SAM HILL needs this many ladders?? 😂😂😂


Love these Mountains OMG!!! 

Seriously y’all- I could never get tired of  Looking at these mountains.   I’m constantly astounded by the beauty of them- and the Glory of the God who made them- evident when you see these beauties. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. Once you give it all to God- no matter how many times you’ve fallen away from Him- He ALWAYS blesses us above and beyond. This life I’m living is a dream for me. I love to travel. We. Ever know where we will be going next- and I love the excitement and the anticipation of it all. Most of all- this is what I love. Seeing these mountains and being with the love of my life 24/7. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I pray you all have a BLESSED weekend!!